Polymer solutions to install the rail onto a concrete slab (RAIL JOINTS - RAIL FASTENING)

Embedded rail solution

Flowable elastic grout polyurethan bi component 
Hardness: 60 shore A (V FLOW 60 AK) 
Compliance acc. to EN 13 481-5 norm with loading-unloading test for loads of 13 and 26 tons per axle

Installation method of the embedded rail grout

This resin grout V FLOW is poured manually by gravity along the rail positioned and fastened in its recess with prior application of a primer.

The thickness of the resin under the rail is about 20 mm with a minimum of 15 mm and 60 mm maximum. The rail is laid in its recess so that the top of the resin is ideally about 3 mm below the running surface. A range of shims with equivalent resin stiffness are supplied.

To maximize the useful volume of resin, a PVC pipe or profile saver is placed on each side of the rail and fixed against the rail web. PVC pipe or profile saver must provide a 15 mm minimum thickness of embedding.

Scope of use of the embedded rail grout

Fastening an embedded rail by means of V FLOW 60 A allows:

• Electrical isolation.
• Reduction of structural height.
• Bottom up installation.
•  Top down installation to position and install the rail directly into the concrete (or metallic) channel.