Polymer solutions to install the rail onto a concrete slab (RAIL JOINTS - RAIL FASTENING)

Resilient pads on the underside of concrete sleepers

The benefits of Under Sleeper Pads (USPs)

– Minimise the phenomenon of ballast attrition and hence reduce the ballast thickness (especially on the structure).

– Reduce vibrations, undulating faults and make the track less stiff.

– Improve track geometry.

Our V FIT USP solution

In order to fit these resilient pads to the underside of concrete sleepers, we are offering V FIT USP to manufacturers of concrete sleepers. This process involves casting or spraying polyurethane elastomer directly onto the prefabrication site.

V FIT USP is a synthetic polymer characterized by its excellent resilience and resistance to hydrolysis and abrasion. The installation method ensures a high level of efficiency and a quality of execution compatible with the performance of the industrial process for prefabricating sleepers.