Polymer solutions to install the rail onto a concrete slab (RAIL JOINTS - RAIL FASTENING)

Longitudinal rail joint and floating slabs joints

Flowable elastic sealant Polyurethan bi component:
Hardness: 20 shore A (V FLEX 20 A)
Hardness: 40 shore A (V FLEX 40 A)
Serviceable: -20°C to +60°C

Longitudinal joint for grooved rail

Dimensions of the joint are generally as follows:

– on railhead side 50x25mm to avoid any contact between the wheel tread of tramway and adjacent pavement.

– on grooved side 20x20mm to take into account the admissible deformations of the joint.

– upper surface of joint can be between 3 and 5 mm below the running surface of railhead (but can be poured flush if required) to protect joint itself from track maintenance like grinding.

Joint for floating slabs

Joint has a section of 20x20mm. It protects and seals on each side of slab, along the upper edge of the anti-vibration layer located under the concrete floating slab.

Scope of use of the longitudinal rail joint grout

Specifications of our V FLEX solutions are particularly dedicated:

• Longitudinal rail joint installed on platform with or without any traffic to seal the upper part of the embedding of the rail.

• To seal the upper edge of the anti-vibration layer of floating slab (vs. structure-borne noise).

• Horizontal expansion joint (contact us).