Continuously embedded rail system for slab track

V-Flow : Embedded rail system
Embedded rail fixing solution
Resin grout V FLOW for embedded rail system

Continuously embedded rail system poured out in situ with polymeric grout

Since the mid-70s, due to the rapid development of railway fastenings systems for ballastless track, new solutions spread widely as continuously embedded rail system by mean of polymeric grout.
To provide electrical insulation, structural height reduction, noise and vibration damping and a

low track maintenance, the embedded rail system is a solution to meet these requirements.
The fixing of the rail in these systems basically differs from the traditional fastening systems, as steel anchoring elements are not used at all.
The rail is laid in a longitudinal recess created

in the structure (reinforced concrete) and poured out with elastic embedding material so that a 15 mm minimum thickness of resin grout embedded the rail under its foot and around its both sides.
V FLOW technology , V FLOW technology has developed a range of flowable grouts, made of solvent-free two-component polyurethane lastomer,

and possibly containing fine filler. They combine both elasticity, resilience and to meet the main requirements of urban light rail lines: electrical insulation and reducing of structural height.

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illusration V FLOW

Application Method

This resin grout V FLOW is poured manually by gravity along the rail positioned and fastened in its recess with prior application of a primer.

The thickness of the resin under the rail is about 20 mm with a minimum of 15 mm. The rail is laid in its recess so that the top of the resin is about 3 mm below the running surface. A range of shims with equivalent resin stiffness is used for that purpose.

To maximize the useful volume of resin, a PVC pipe or profile saver is placed on each side of the rail and fixed against the rail web. PVC pipe or profile saver must provide a 15 mm minimum thickness of embedding.

Technical advantages

Case Studies

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