Longitudinal joint for rail

V-Flex : Longitudinal joint for rail
V-Flex joint for Light rail platform
Longitudinal joint for grooved rail

Light Rail platforms:
strong requirements

The main projects of Light Rail (tramways) are designed with dedicated platforms by means of embedded grooved rails along a wide pallet of pavements allowing car trafic or not.
To prevent that the rail does not become source of disorder on this delicate interface with street surfaces: a longitudinal joint is poured

on both sides of the rail to ensure a flexible and insulating sealing with adjacent pavements. High rigidity of pavements, like concrete, paving stones, asphaltic concrete, metal, is indeed not suitable with movements transmitted by the rail.

This joint must be able to bear the stresses transmitted by the rail but also all the aggressions of an environment of urban roadway to maintain an adhesion between the rail and street surface structure.
Technology V FLEX developed the range of joints V FLEX 20 A polyurethane bi-component

elastomer without solvent to respect specifically
Light Rail specifications and above all:
- a maximum differential deformation by shearing in the vertical plan of 4 mm.
- a maximum horizontal deformation by compression between rail and adjacent street surface structure of 2 mm.

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Longitudinal joint for grooved rail

Dimensions of the joint are generally as follows:

- on railhead side 5x2,5 cm to avoid any contact between the wheel tread of tramway and adjacent pavement
- on grooved side 2x2 cm to take into account the admissible deformations of the joint regarding embedding of rail dimensions.
- upper surface of joint is located between 3 and 5 mm below the running surface of railhead to protect joint itself from track maintenance like grinding.

Joint for floating slabs

Joint has a section of 2x2 cm. It protects and seals on each side of platform the upper edge of anti-vibration layer located under the concrete floating slab.

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