Tramway track : direct fastening onto concrete slab

V-Fix : Pose directe de rail par pose collée ou ancrages
Track fixing system
Direct fix rail track
Direct fixation system

An original track fixing system sucessfully used 15 years of operating on different networks representative traffic of over 300 million tons.

Field and purpose of application
Fixing of the rail is solved with discrete fixations by mean of baseplates to the concrete slab for the following applications:
- track fixation onto concrete bridge deck
- reinforcement of track fixation for maintenance

- decreasing of dead load and height reduction of the railway infrastructure
- electrical insulation of track
These applications use V FIX system which has designed the pourable grout V FIX 50 D as

load-bearing in order to fix the rail onto the concrete structure using baseplates fitted with an elastomeric pad.
Approaching the dynamic stiffness of a ballast track, resin V FIX 50 D limits the dynamic deflection of the baseplate 1 mm vertically and

0.5 mm laterally and transmits loads without creep.
Design must spread the load to prevent not to exceed the accepted values of concrete surface cohesion.

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illustration V FIX

Laying rails directly onto concrete slab with anchoring : high performance

Fixing of the rail down to the concrete is basically solved through metallic baseplate fastened with two anchor bolts M22 inserted varying from 70 to 150 mm depth in slab.

Baseplates are located every 75cm linear of rail for a conventional tramway load of 11 tons per axle and the recommended relevant thickness of resin V FIX is between 20 and 65 mm.

Direct fastening onto concrete slab by bonding

Due to constructive reasons, if the use of anchor bolts is forbidden, the bonding of the metal baseplate onto concrete structure using the resin V FIX 50 D may be a solution.

This solution is subjected to a cohesion of the concrete surface control and careful surface preparation. In principle the travelage is reduced to 0.60 m to decrease the vertical stress and the maximum thickness of resin V FIX 50 D is limited to 50 mm.

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