Our range of products VF SYSTEMS provides an efficient and innovative set of polymer solutions to install the rail onto a concrete slab or ballast.

These products are designed to meet the complex requirements of urban railways transport. It involves safety and well-being of users and also long term efficiency for operator.

Our solutions are used as follows :

V FIX direct fastening with anchoring or by bonding onto concrete slab,

V FLOW embedded rail into slab track,

V FLEX longitudinal joint for rail and floating slabs,

V FIT USP to reduce the effects of attrition on ballast,

V FIT SC PROTEC Protective coating for rails
against Stray Currents

V-Fix : Direct fastening tramway

- Direct fastening with anchor bolts

- Direct fastening by bonding

V-Flex : grooved rails

- Continuously embedded rail system poured out
in situ with polymeric grout

V-Flow : Embedded rail fixing solutions

- Longitudinal joint for grooved rail

- Joint for floating slabs

V-Fit USP : Patin Réducteur d'Attrition (PRA)

- Under Sleeper Pads (USPs).

V-Fit SC PROTEC : Protective coating for rails against Stray Currents

      - against Stray Currents.

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